Indian Green marble is also known as Indian verde gautemala marble. Marble takes good polish. Indian Green Marble is basically green with light or dark veins depends upon quarry to quarry. The base color also changes from light to medium and dark green, it varies from mining area to area. The beauty of green marble is its nice green color. The characterstics in veining and movement vary between lots depending on different blocks from which the stone is extracted. It is also offered book-matched in slabs.

It is a common characteristic for this stone to have pin holes in the raw material. Before it reaches the polishing stages, these tiny holes are filled with a polyester resin. Depending on how deep the invisible tiny hole is, the resin may shrink as it dries, which will leave the surface of the filled area slightly lower than the rest. This does not affect the durability, maintenance or beauty of the stone. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that this should be sealed to extend its life.

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA offer Indian Green Polished Marble Slabs, tiles, steps for decorating buildings or installation in residential as well as in commercial buildings. This marble can also be used for flooring, Kitchen, Vanity, Table tops, Steps risers etc. The Indian Green marble is available in different finishes like Honed, Sawn, Polished etc.

DHARTI CRAFT, is an Exporter, Supplier and wholesaler of Indian Green Marble Slabs and tiles.
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ClassificationMarble - Origin - India
OfferedSlabs, tiles and Blocks
FinishesSawn, Honed, Polished.
Standard DimensionsSlabs 2cm and 3cm thick.
Calibrated & Bevelled Tiles 10mm
305x305mm / 305x610mm
Cut to Size Tiles of 2cm thick.
30x30cm, 30x60cm, 60x60cm.
Tailor Made SpecificationsPossible
Recommended Applications Interior & Exterior (Shaded)
SuitabilityHigh Traffic
PackagingWooden Crate / Pallets
Indian Green marble Verde Gautemala Slabs tiles
Indian Green Marble Slabs
Indian Verde gautemala marble