Indian Slate Stone

Slate Stone formation – Few billion years back, As volcanic lava flowed over the ground, superheated clay deposits mixed with ash. This mixture eventually dried in layers, much like shale but noticeably harder. Slate can be naturally split into slabs, and those slabs can be manually split once again into thin tiles, say 15-20mm thick.

Probably No two pieces of our natural stone are alike and each massive stone bears its own unique markings. Every piece is worked by hand to its peak of beauty and performance. No two installations at any of our projects stand same; it is the beauty of the natural stone slate that every installation will be unique. It’s a quality & besides keeping you close to the mother Earth at areas where man is lost in today’s virtual world. Hence in conclusion, No manufactured product can replicate the feeling of touch that a natural stone gives and that’s the reason for natural stone being used from ages. Natural Slate stone has been valued throughout the century for its unparalleled sculptural and architectural qualities.

Slate Stone Applications & uses :-

Slate Stone tiles has been used for a number of applications over the years. Most of all it is used as roofing slate. Slate can be used indoors and outdoors and offers especially a natural non-slip surface for flooring.  In Addition It can be used almost anywhere – residential and commercial,  wall tiles, roof tiles, shower enclosures, around pools – the list goes on and on.

Contrary to popular belief slate is seems like one of the lowest maintenance floors. Finally It is a good conductor of heat and therefore it is ideal in any area.

DHARTI CRAFT unique quarry relationships in addition with finishing processes result in best quality products. The Slate quarried by us are finally an ancient material, almost derived from deeper deposits formed hundreds of millions of years ago and thus ensure more uniform quality.

DHARTI CRAFT is a professional  exporter, supplier, wholesaler of Slate stone tiles, slabs, slate mosaics, Slate wall panels, slate ledge stone and Slate veneer stone from Jaipur, India.

Consequently please Visit our Stone Gallery or especially some of the Slate stone tiles listed below for more choices.

White    :- White Quartzite Slate stone tiles 
Black     :- Jack Black Slate stone tiles Himachal Black Slate stone tiles 
Multicolor:- Jack Multicolor  Natural Slate stone tilesKund Multicolor Stone tiles 
Grey       :- Silver Grey Quartzite floor and wall tiles 
Silver     :- Silver Shine stone tiles 
Green     :- Green Gold quartzite tiles Zeera Green slate tilesOcean Green natural wall tiles
Golden   :- Golden slate tilesCalifornia Gold natural cleft wall tiles 
Rustic Black:- Autumn Rustic stone tiles 
Beige      :- Indian Autumn slate stone for walls
Red         :- Copper Red  Slate Quartzite tiles for home decor