Dharti Craft presents the exclusive designs of inlay Marble work for your interiors known as Marble Carpet. The semi precious stones especially like  Melachite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethist, Mother of pearl, Jasper and other Hard stones are finally used in marble carpet.

“Taj Mahal” is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is known for exceptional inlay / inlaid work and architecture. We capture the same beauty  as inlay / inlaid designs on Pure White Marble, Green Marble,  and also on Kadappa Black limestone.

Inlay is one of the most sophisticated  stone arts. It is originated in Florence, Italy in 16th century known as Pietra Dura. It was introduced in India in 17th century by the Mughal’s. Consequently The art of inlay is called “Parchinkari”.

Dharti Craft process exclusive range of Marble inlay Table tops, Tiles, Floorings, Stairs, Borders  and Panels.

Dharti Craft, designs are especially inspired with some of world known monuments, buildings and churches. We are also creating sceneries in inlay which finally show the scene of Hindu and Christian mythology as well as ancient European culture.

What is “Pietra Dura”.
It is an Inlaying technique usually associated with workshops in Florence, Italy. This is used to describe sculptural or decorative of hard stones to decorate furniture, cameos, vases and panels with various stones such as Malachite, Lapis Lazuli etc.

Pietra Dura is an Italian phrase that means hard stone. This is usually refers to the technique of creating intricate inlaid pictures from shaped colored stones. The stones used are usually silicates, including agates, alabaster, amethyst, jade jasper, lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx and topaz. The Craft developed in the antiquity originally consisted of shaping stone with small saws wires and other metal instruments and adding them to decorative objects such as vases or small sculpture. The art was revised during the Renaissance by Italian craftsmen and the first hard stone workshop was established by the Medici family in Florence in 1558. The art was also practices at the courts of Pales, Madrid, Prague, Paris. From the late 16th century the colorful stone were arranged on furniture’s landscape and flower scenes.

Indian inlay work is not three dimensional but more flat. The Mughal adaptations have ensured that the European birds have been replaced by the Indian kingfisher, myna and re-breasted parakeet.

The Art is decline after Mughals and around mid 19th century there were probably a few craftsmen specializing in this work.

Specialities :-
Marble Inlaid Carpets, Marble Inlaid Table Tops, Marble Inlaid flooring designs, Semi precious stone slabs and tiles includes Red Agate.  Black Agate Slab, White Agate Slab, Brown Agate Slabs, Wild Agate Slab, Yellow Agate stone slab, Mix Agate stone slabs. Blue Agate stone slabs tiles, Crystal Agate stone slab, Blue Agate stone counter tops, Blue agate display panels. Red agate stone slabs, Pink agate stone slabs, Black Agate stone slabs, Purple agate stone slabs.  Semi precious quartz slabs in White, Inlaid Marble Carpet, Pink rose and Smoky colors. Amethist Stone slabs.  White mother of Pearl, Black Mother of Pearl slabs, Yellow Mother of Pearl slabs tiles and MOP interior designs.

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Marble Carpet Inlay stoneMarble carpet inlay stoneMarble Carpet Inlay stone