Natural Stone Cobbles & Pebbles

Natural stone cobbles | Pebble Stones :- Natural stone Cobbles are processed manually from the rough rocks of Stones and maintain the natural finish all around to present you the natural beauty of the stones. Top and bottom surface are natural and sides are tapered from top to bottom.

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA present you a collection of Natural stone cobbles and  Pebble stones processed from Sandstone, Limestone and Granite stone.

Natural Cobble Stones are available from rough stones:-

Sandstone Cobble

Limestone Cobble

Granite Cobble

Sandstone Natural Cobble stones are processed from Sandstone in various colors like Autumn Brown cobbles, Kandla Grey cobbles, Yellow Musk cobbles, Charcoal Black Cobbles, Mandana Red Brown Cobbles etc.

Lime stone cobbles are processed with natural stones  Kota blue cobbles, Kota Brown limestone cobbles, Kota Black limestone cobbles, Kota white limestone etc.

Available Sizes are 10x10cm/ 14x14cm / 20x10cm/ 20x20cm.

Thickness:-  3 – 5cm,  4 – 6cm, 5 – 7cm, 6 – 8cm and 7- 9cm etc.

Customized requirements are also processed.

Packaging – Loose direct into the Container or packed in Wooden Crates.

Granite Cobbles:-

Available in – Manga Pink- Red Cobbles, Grey cobbles, Black cobbles and yellow color cobbles.

Sizes – 4x4x4 / 4x4x2 / 6x6x6 / 10x7x3-4 / 8x4x3-4cm etc.

What is Pebble Stone.
Pebble stones are the round shape Natural tumbled stones of Natural stones like Sandstone and Marble stones processed with the flow of river naturally or manually with machines. These are available in natural smooth finish and also in Polished finish in Marble only.

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What is Processed Pebble Stone.
Processed Pebble stones are the natural stones of Marble and Sandstone which are manually given the pebble round shape with the help of man and machines out of the small rough blocks available in different stone quarries. Available in Color – White, Black, Red, Beige, yellow, Rainbow, Green, Brown etc.

What is River Pebble Stone.
River Pebble stones are the natural stones processed with the flow of river water naturally and for many centuries and are sorted and collected from river bed for our decoration purposes and various other manufacturing  and paint industries. Available in color – White, Black, Red, Grey, Mix etc.

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