Ocean Green Slate Tiles


ocean-green-natural-copyGreen Ocean Slate tiles are origin of India is popularly called as Ocean Slate. It is easily identified by the wonderful aqua marine feel which especially can leave anyone in a state of gaze. Ocean Green slate surface do carry some quartz crystals which becomes visible and most of all express the feeling of uniqueness upon honing. The color is almost Greenish Grey but can also veer towards metallic rust, gray and orange.

Ocean Slate is a family of slate stone that finally exhibits a three Dimensional look upon polishing.  Furthermore  to this family, after polishing it create a visual illusion of depth of ocean with wave pattern surrounded mystically with the clouds of gold, grey or bronze. The honed version also tends to be less colorful (less greens, yellows, etc.) but it does tend to have more rust and silver grey clouds.


Ocean Green slate is moreover is best suited for indoor & exterior wall cladding. The vibrant colors and unique texture make Ocean Green slate tiles perfect choice for interior applications.

This slate is suitable in any interior application (residential and commercial) but is not suitable for exterior installations except wall claddings.

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA recommend to especially seal the tiles with good sealer for long life and maintenance free. Furthermore it is good conductor of heat and hence ideal for any area.

DHARTI CRAFT is an Exporter, Supplier, Manufacturer and wholesaler of Ocean Green Slate tiles from India.

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ClassificationSlate Origin India
Quarry DepositLayered
Quarry ExcavationHand split layers
Chisel SplittingPossible
Gangsaw SawingNot possible
Offered InTiles, Slabs, cut to size
Both faces natural
1)One face natural, other Calibrated

2)One face Honed - other face Calibrated.

3)One face brushed - other calibrated.

Tailer Made SpecificationsPossible
Carved ArticlesNot possible
Recommended ApplicationsInterior and exterior
SuitabilityMedium to Low Traffic
Delivery4 weeks