Silver Shine Slate Quartzite

Slate Stone Tile

Silver Shine - Slate Stone Tile

Silver Shine slate tiles are origin of India. Furthermore it is one of the dense silver color slate tiles suitable for bother interiors and exterior applications. It is a  light grey colored with consistent natural surface except occasional rust patch on the surface. The natural cleft surface is almost smooth in case of silver shine slate tiles. Furthermore It is also one among the  family of slates displaying metallic textures.


Silver Shine slate tiles bring in a touch of individuality to your floor and wall. In addition innovative landscaping feature and therefore imparting personalized accents to any Home or garden. Honed / polished surfaces of Silver shine slate depict wonderful textures. The mica inclusions within the stone also become more visible as solid silver flecks and sometime like spears. The honed Silver shine slate also tends to be less colorful depicting largely silver and gray shades in varying tones and silver patterning.

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA especially recommend to seal the tiles with good sealer for long life and maintenance free. Slate is a good conductor of heat and therefore  it is ideas in any area.  Silver Shine Slate is Shining slate with silver color enhances the beauty and far recommended due to light reflecting color.

DHARTI CRAFT, is an Exporters, Suppliers of Silver Shine Slate tiles from India. Silver Shine is a great choice for silver color tiles. Being it reflects the light, these can be easily used in dark areas to beautify and emotional feeling of good light in the rooms or offices.

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ClassificationSlate Origin India
Quarry DepositLayered
Quarry ExcavationHand split layers
Chisel SplittingPossible
Gangsaw SawingNot possible
Offered InTiles, Slabs, cut to size
Both faces natural
1)One face natural, other Calibrated

2)One face Honed - other face Calibrated.

3)One face brushed - other beveled


Tailer Made SpecificationsPossible
Carved ArticlesNot possible
Recommended ApplicationsInterior and exterior
SuitabilityMedium to Low Traffic
Delivery4 weeks