What is a  Stone Gazebo / Stone Hut?
Stone Gazebo is a smart stone hut type outhouse made especially from stone. Stone hut is very decorative in looking and long life. Furthermore It is  used by Emperors in India for their out houses to spend luxury time. Also with the nature near water falls or natural beautiful surroundings. In addition A gazebo is a freestanding, open garden structure, sometimes hexagonal or octagonal in shape, with a roof. In a garden setting, a gazebo can serve as a focal point—something to be viewed and appreciated—or situated in a location on a  hill, that offers views while providing shelter from the sun.

DHARTI CRAFT offer a vide range of Decorative Stone Gazebo made of  various Indian Sandstone.  Especially Yellow, Rainbow, Mint white, Beige and Red are some of the Stone used.

Our exclusive carved Stone Gazebo India is rare piece of craftsmanship. All the Stone Gazebos are carved especially under the guidance and quality control of skilled artisans. We in addition offer an exclusive range to the buyer for their full satisfaction.  We also offer them various designs. Our range of stone Gazebos enhances the decoration of exteriors or gardens, restaurants,  museums and other areas.

Decorative Stone Gazebo Applications :-
Stone Gazebos are used as exterior decoration piece of art of any out home, Garden or resorts. It  decorate and give a touch of luxury and natural feeling to the surroundings.

DHARTI CRAFT is an Exporter and Supplier of Stone Gazebos from India. We assure best craftsmanship.

Please contact us for your requirement of Stone Gazebos.

Decorative Stone GazebosDecorative Stone Gazebos