Zeera Green Slate Tiles

Zeera Green Slate Tiles

Green Slate Zeera Natural splitGreen Zeera slate also popularly called as Desert Gold. It is a slate variety from the  family of slates displaying especially metallic textures. In addition Silver color having a patch of gold, green & orange colors. This Green slate have even distribution of cumin like shells and that is why it name called Zeera Green Slate.

Green Slate is a timeless flooring material that is undergoing resurgence in popularity because of its exclusive metallic texture & color that has retained the traditional and greatly admired quality of durability.


The polished Jeera Green slate shows off more of its metallic sheen. Especially the mica inclusions within the stone also become more visible appearing as solid black flecks.  Polished version also tends to be less colorful (less greens, yellows, etc.) but it does tend to have more gold and silver patterning.  Zeera Green Slate, Honed is suitable for interior and exterior applications. Green Zeera Slate is a rather dense stone and functions very well in interior and exterior applications. Jeera green slate used for flooring is as it is quarried from the earth - chemical free and therefore allergy free

DHARTI CRAFT, INDIA recommend to especially seal the tiles with good sealer for long life and maintenance free. Slate is a good conductor of heat and hence therefore used in various applications.

DHARTI CRAFT is an Exporter, suppliers, Manufacturer and Wholesalers of Zeera Green Slate from India.

Please contact us for your requirement of Zeera green slate and also another slate tiles.


ClassificationSlate Origin India
Quarry DepositLayered
Quarry ExcavationHand split layers
Chisel SplittingPossible
Gangsaw SawingNot possible
Offered InTiles, Slabs, cut to size
Both faces natural
1)One face natural, other Calibrated

2)One face Honed - other face Calibrated.

3)One face brushed - other Calibrated.

Tailer Made SpecificationsPossible
Carved ArticlesNot possible
Recommended ApplicationsInterior and exterior
SuitabilityMedium to Low Traffic
Delivery4 weeks